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  • Author Agreement

    The undersigned author (after reviewing criteria for authorship as defined by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors [ICJME] found at ‘http://www/’ and have participated reasonably in the intellectual content, analysis of data and writing of the article) jointly and severally, hereby transfer and assign all rights, title, and interest therein, including any and all copyrights in all forms and media now or hereafter known, to the Journal of Khyber College of Dentistry. The author(s) retain the nonexclusive right to use part or all of the article in future work of their own, provided proper credit is given to the Journal of Khyber College of Dentistry. In case, the submitted article is not published, the Editorial Board agrees to release its rights therein.
    I certify that
    A) None of the material in the manuscript has been published previously/currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    B) The article has not been accepted for publication elsewhere
    C) I have not signed any right or interest in the article to any third party
    D) I am willing to produce the data on which this article is based, should the Editorial Board of the Journal of Khyber College of Dentistry request such data.
    E) Animal Care Committee/Institutional Review Board approval was granted for this study. I (including spouse and children), disclose financial interest at the level
    a) Nothing to disclose b) Financial interest to the amount of _________________________
    F) I/We confirm to comply fully with the suggestions/critical views of the reviewers/editor, failing which my/our article may be rejected at the sole discretion of the editor. I/we further confirm that if our article is rejected (whihc is the sole discretion of the editor) I/we will have no right to complain against the journal/editor/representative of the journal/printer in any forum including the court of
    G) I/we suggest the following to overseas reviewers to review our article.
    Name of Reviewer Postal Address Email and Contact No.
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    Author Name Author Signature Email address
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    ________________________ ________________________ _________________________
    Author name Author signature Author E-mail address
    Note: Author agreement form must be signed by each author (one page for each) and submitted
    with the article.

    Author’s Checklist:
    i) Eliminate nonstandard abbreviation in the titles
    ii) Supply full author names (including institutional affiliation and contact informations)
    iii) Abstract: 250 words, Article: 2000 words (excluding references).
    iv) Supply references in Vancouver style, accurately cited in the text in numerical order
    v) Cite tables in the text in numerical order
    vi) Submit online or Send 02 Hard copies and MS word doc email attachment to
    vii) Cite figures in the text in numerical order
    viii) Author agreement is signed by all authors.
    ix) On acceptance of the article by the editorial board and peer review, author(s) are required to submit the following fee in advance on account of article publication/processing charges.
    Faculty members/consultants = Rs. 6000/-
    Trainee Medical Officer = Rs. 5000/-
    House Officer = Rs. 3000/-