Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar

  • Editor in Chief Message


    Since the beginning of humanity, humans have been inclined towards knowledge and the quest to seek the truths that govern this world. Without the contributions of great thinkers and scholars from the past and present, modern medical education would not be nearly as advanced as it is today. It is the duty of modern medical educationists and researchers as well as students to continue this journey by conducting research and documentation in order to find new and creative ways to understand medicine. All of us are engaged in actions that have some of the characteristics of formal research, but perhaps we do not realize this. We try new approaches, new materials, new ideas, and new plans to achieve our targets. Research is to discover the truth, in addition of more knowledge to the existing knowledge. Unless it is published, it is of no use and cannot be transmitted to others. Since its first publication in 2010, JKCD grew by leaps and bounds and in initial few years it has blossomed into a PMDC (PMC) recognized journal with registration at IMEMR (WHO) and ISSN levels, attracting authors from every sphere of Pakistan and Asia as well. This adulation and praise is well deserved and particularly directed to the Editorial board which comprises of eminent people who have shaped the dental landscape not only in our province but as well as in Pakistan. Under their guidance and supervision, the task of starting and maintaining the journal seemed all the more plausible and gave us the steadying hand we required when it was needed the most. The Journal will contain original articles, review articles, case reports, case series and editorials. The unbiased and un-opinionated peer review system through Online Submission System should effectively filter the authenticity and importance of articles in today's medical domain. In my leadership and with the collective efforts of the entire editorial board of JKCD, I hope to successfully not only encourage research, but establish a global platform on which the findings can be displayed. I am sure it will take time for this journal to really make its mark on the health sector, but all good things come to those who wait and those who persevere through adversity. I pray that the fine traditions of excellence and competence that this journal has come to be associated with, are maintained and may long it continue.

    Dr. Basheer Rehman
    Editor In-Chief
    Journal of Khyber College of Dentistry